Bat Mitzvah Photographer
It’s Los Angeles Bar/Bat Mitzvah Classic time from the Graham and Graham Photography archives.
We always loved this shot of Sabrina jumping for joy after her Valley Beth Shalom Bat Mitzvah. In fact–it’s hanging on our studio wall.
And this L’dor v’ Dor shot says it all. From one generation to the next, passing it down and keeping the tradition alive.
Bar Mitzvah Photographer
And here it is, in musical form, from
Scarlett’s Malibu Bat Mitzvah.

Manhattan Beach Bar Mitzvah Photographer
That’s Alex marching with the torah at his Manhattan Beach Bar Mitzvah, and below Nora, studying with rabbi at her Mishkon Tephilo Bat Mitzvah in Venice, California.
Bat Mitzvah Photographer
Historic torahs at Temple Israel of Hollywood, Los Angeles, by Graham and Graham Photography
Mazel tov to all, from your friends at Graham and Graham Photography.

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