Manhattan Beach is the quintessential Los Angeles beach town, a little oasis tucked away from the big city.
We’re a small community of 35,000 folks, flanked by the Pacific ocean, and the theme everywhere is waves, water and an ocean breeze.
The average daily temperature is 78 degrees.

Manhattan Beach at sunset by Graham and Graham Photography

What to do when visiting Manhattan Beach? It’s a question we get a lot, and try to answer on our website.
Manhattan Beach Pier

Morning in Manhattan Beach, by Graham and Graham Photography, looking down on the majestic RoundHouse Aquarium, on a Tuesday morning at dusk.

In our latest post, we offer our suggestions on how to spend your day, centered, naturally, around beach time, good eats and fun. Where to get bike rentals, the best sunset view, parking and our favorite local restaurants. (Hello Old Venice!)
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Manhattan Beach

Downtown Manhattan Beach, overlooking the Pier, from Manhattan Avenue and Manhattan Beach Blvd. Photo by Graham and Graham Photography

Manhattan Beach morning

The view from the Manhattan Beach Pier on a cloudy day by Graham and Graham Photography

Meanwhile, welcome to Manhattan Beach, USA!

The historic Manhattan Beach Roundhouse sits at the foot of the Pier, and features an aquarium for kids which serves as Oceanographic Teaching Stations’ (a 501(c)3 non-profit) educational facility. Inside are both viewing and touch tanks each displaying a brilliant selection of marine fish and invertebrates! There’s also a kid’s area with books and puzzles.

Check out our “Manhattan Beach Minute” video below.